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Grass Cutting 101

Welcome to grass cutting 101 where you will learn what to do when mowing the lawn and which tactics to avoid.

Mowing the lawn is a difficult task and one that should not be taken lightly. It is important to understand the tools required to landscape and the effort that must be put into place. There are problems such as rough terrain, dry patches and mowing height that all need to be taken into account. Every lawn will require different techniques as the type of grass, climate or soil needs may be completely different than another.

There are guidelines for grass cutting that should be taken into account:

  • It is ideal to cut the grass in rows. Cutting the grass in rows will ensure that no areas have been missed and that the pattern will increase the growth of the grass. All of the areas of the grass should be cut, and using a pattern will assist in recognition of cut areas.

  • Grass should be cut at least once per week. Growing full and spreading grass should be easy when the grass is cut in a weekly period. Cutting too often could harm the grass as cutting the lawn too short could burn it and make it susceptible for disease.

  • There are four types of mowers and it is important to choose the right one. Each lawn will have different requirements so choose wisely!

  • The push mower is the most quiet and environmentally friendly. There is physical work required in operation and therefore it is best that it be used on small lawns unless the operator wishes to have a workout with the landscaping. If the lawn is not mowed regularly it may be difficult to manoeuvre this push mower around the lawn.

  • The rechargeable mower is an expensive option that has no fumes and eliminates the risk of the operator being on the receiving end of electric shocks. A rechargeable mower can cost upwards of $500.00 and have a high maintenance cost. The charge may not last longer than the time that it takes to mow a five-thousand square foot lawn. Batteries are very expensive but this is one of the best choices in mowers.

  • The electric mower is not as quiet as a rechargeable mower but still quieter than the gas powered mowers available. The cord could become a hazard if it were shredded by the blades in the mower. It is recommended for square footage less than five-thousand feet. Electric mowers are a safe choice for the environment and emit no fumes. There are many attachments available for the electric mower; including regular or mulching blades.

  • The gas powered mower is the most popular model in the United States. Gas mowers are the easiest to maintain and provide an efficient job of mowing the lawn. Gas mowers can be very noisy and therefore it is important to wear proper ear protection while operating the mower.

  • The gas mower requires regular oil changes and tune-ups as well as blade sharpening. These tasks can all be completed at home with a little bit of mechanical know-how but can also be effectively and cheaply completed at a local small motors shop.

  • Self propelled mowers and manual are available in the gas mower section. Self propelled mowers will allow you to merely guide the mower while manual encourages the user to push the mower along with the grass.

It is important to mow the lawn regularly now that you have the knowledge to choose the proper mower and when and how to mow the lawn should be at its best in no time!

For additional information on lawn care or related topics please visit our lawn care article center.

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