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How to Use a Weed Eater

The answer to perfect borders and edges around fences is in a weedeater. This tool creates uniform height and straight edges in your garden and on the driveway – often at lower costs than a mower. This is a mediocre cost for the do-it-yourself in a lawn that looks as if it has been professional landscaped but most users claim this is the secret to beautiful lawns. After all, the small details are often the most important to the final affect.

Weedeaters have no wheels, blades or guides. Weedeaters are one of the easiest tools to use as there is a spinning nylon rope that acts as the cutter moving at high speeds to snip the grass or weeds off at the top. Weedeaters are used by hand at points in the lawn where the mower would be dangerous or inefficient such as; at the edge of the driveway, around the garden, or around the edge of a deck.

While buying an weedeater it is important to be able to lift and carry the unit comfortably. The user is going to have to be able to lift this for an extended period of time to finish the job in a timely manner. Cordless edgers are often heavier than corded models, weighing up to fifteen pounds. Corded models weigh as little as three pounds and provide the reliability of being plugged in. The likelihood of damaging the cord with the edger is low as the cord is too strong.

Weedeaters are not to be confused with lawnmowers. To create a manicured lawn a few tools are essential. There is not one tool that can perform the job of mowing, aerating, or edging. The most popular type of weedeater uses a nylon string that rotates at quick rates to snap the grass off at the desired height around poles, driveways, decks, rocks or gardens.

The weedeater should not be used on gravel or surfaces other than grass. The nylon string that the edger uses as a cutting agent may snap while coming in contact with a rock, house, garden hose or a deck. It is important to use the edger with care around these areas.

A weedeater is used primarily for creating a manicured look around the outsides of the lawn and at driveways etc. It is handheld and therefore easier to get to these edges than a lawnmower would be. The side of an weedeater is usually visible so results are visible instantly while you are edging.

Holding the weedeater at a thirty degree angle will guarantee the best results but it is important to cut the grass edges at the same height as the grass. If the grass is cut shorter on the edges your do-it-yourself attempt will look exactly that. It is easier to cut it too high the first time rather than too low. Weedeaters should be completed after mowing to ensure uniformity.

Weedeaters require a nylon line to be replaced after it has been used and come off. These are easy to replace within the edger and often have directions on the weedeater itself. This line is inexpensive and can be found at a local hardware store. It comes in many different widths and each edger requires a different size therefore it is important to purchase the correct size for your edger.

Safety apparel should be worn at all times while operating the weedeater. The spinning motion of the weedeater could cause rocks, stones or debris in the grass to fly up into the air. It is important to make use of safety goggles, gloves or other recommended equipment.

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