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How to Use an Edger

Edgers are used for the sole purpose of creating professional looking edges at driveways, gardens, and paths in the lawn. A lawn edger is used to create a uniform look throughout the perimeter of the lawn. Attention to these small details creates a well manicured lawn that looks more landscaped than a do-it-yourself project.

Prior to using the edger, ensure that all safety equipment is in place. Safety gloves should be worn to prevent blisters as it is often necessary to use a pushing force with the edger. Some edgers are a manual tool but still dangerous. Be cautious when operating the edger as you would with any other landscaping tool.

The price of an edger can range from thirty to three hundred dollars. It is important to choose an edger for the type of work that is required and not based on the extra features and tools that are offered.

It is important to take note of the perimeter of the lawn. Which edges need more attention than others? Are there any places that the edger should not be used? Does the height of the edger need to be adjusted for any parts of the lawn? Edgers are adjustable if required and come in many forms.

Edgers come in forms of multi purpose tools with many extra add-ons and attachment. All too often these add-ons create extra weight and a bulkier tool. Extra weight will make the edger harder to push resulting in non-straight or jagged edges. It is well worth the extra money to invest in a tool that does one job well, such as edging.

While using the edger place it in the upright position and turn the switch to the on position. There is often a throttle that activates with blades when pressure is applied. It is important to have the pressure reach full speed before applying the edger to the lawn. After the edger is applied to the lawn make slow and fluid movements to obtain optimal results. While pushing the edger forward as you walk an accurate and straight edge is created in the grass. 

An edger should be upright to the ground while in operation. Turn the edger on and place it near the edge of the lawn. Be careful while in operation because there is the chance of the edger causing debris to fly low. It is important to wear socks, and proper shoes while using an edger.

Use the edger’s guide wheel against hard and cement surfaces to ensure a uniform cut. This guide wheel becomes very important along with the guard when in use. Taking these proper safety precautions will enable the user to complete the job without injuries or mistakes in the grass.

Edging should not have to be completed as often as mowing. Edging is recommended to be completed one to two times in a season. If the edging frequency is too high than the grass will suffer by becoming weak, brittle and having undefined edges.

It is important to edge at the correct space. Edging too far away from the sidewalk creates gaps in the lawn. These gaps are not only unsightly but can be dangerous to those walking on the lawn and create nooks and crannies for infestations of insects.

An edger is a safe and effective way to create professional looking perimeters. A detail this small does indeed make a difference – and this is proven in the look of an edged lawn versus a non-edged lawn. Edging is one of those crucial details that an informed amateur landscape artist knows about and cannot live without.

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