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Tips to Mowing Your Grass

Always mow in opposite directions alternating each time the lawn is mowed.
Mowing in the same direction each time that the lawn is mowed will create havoc with the lawn and coerce the grass to grow the wrong way. Mowing the same way each time puts stress upon the grass and should therefore be switched each time that the lawn is mowed.

Never cut the lawn lower than the recommended height.
Height is an important part of a healthy lawn. Each type of different grass has different recommended mowing heights. These heights often vary from ¾ to 2 inches. Cutting the grass lower than the recommended height leaves the grass susceptible to disease and wear. The lawn should be mowed when it is a third higher than the recommended height.

Never mow a wet lawn.
Mowing a wet lawn can damage the mower as well as the lawn. A healthy mowed lawn should have clean cuts and mowing while the grass is wet prevents clean cuts from being performed by the lawn mower.

Use trimming devices for edges and corners of the lawn.
Trimming devices are important for corners, edges and sections of the lawn near decks, patios and other decorative devices that are immovable from the lawn. These devices assist in creating a professionally landscaped looking lawn while keeping costs at a do-it-yourself level.

Trim all weeds
Weeds contribute to unhealthy lawns are often a sign of soil that is too compact and in need of fertilizer. It is important to trim all weeds and remove the roots before the weeds become stronger than the grass. After removing weeds it is helpful to sprinkle those sections with grass seeds to help overcome the weeded area.

Cut it weekly during the season of high growth
Grass should be cut weekly to ensure optimum growth. Many landscape enthusiasts claim that a weekly mowing is appropriate and at the least once every two weeks. Cutting the grass each week ensures the grass will be at the healthiest level and allow the grass to be able to resist disease.

Cut it shorter than usual the last time before winter.
It is important to mow the lawn shorter in the winter – as the last cut before the snow falls. This will ensure that the grass has adequate time to grow before the spring when it will revitalize back to life. This also assists in the grass becoming dormant.

Return the grass clippings to the lawn.
Returning the grass clippings to the lawn ensures that nutrients that had been taken away while mowing are returned to the lawn. Twenty five percent of the nutrients required of the lawn are available in the lawn clippings from mowing. The subject of whether to replace the clippings to the lawn has been of much debate – of late, it has been decided that it is optimal to return the clippings to the lawn unless the lawn is diseased.

Use the proper mower for the lawn.
There are many types of mowers available to choose from. Electric, battery powered and gas powered are three of the choices available to the consumer. Gas mowers are appropriate for larger lawns as the fuel will last longer compared to battery or electric mowers which may not last as long or be as powerful as a gas mower.

Always mow with a safe attitude and precautions
Safe footwear is crucial when mowing the lawn. More than a hundred thousand injuries are reported every single year due to lawn mower injuries. There are countless injuries resulting in lost limbs and lost lives.

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